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Frequently Asked Questions


Daily from 7AM to 11PM.

Yes from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.

Our washers and dryers are coin, card, and app operated. Save yourself the hassle of digging for change or forgetting your debit/credit card at home. Use the Laundry Pay app for add convenience.

This app allows folks to pay for and operate our machines without having to bring change or a card.

Plus, Laundry Pay app users get 10% back in loyalty points for ever dollar loaded to their account. Save up these points and redeem for free wash and dry time at Pure Laundry.

Absolutely. We have 4-load, 6-load, and 8-load washers and dryers. You will be able to wash and dry big, bulky items like king-size comforters or multiple sleeping bags using our laundromat.

Wash & Fold

8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.

We use premium laundry detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets. When bringing in your order, you can choose from a selection of Tide, Free & Clear, Downy, and other options.

$15 minimum order.

No. We always keep our customers laundry separate from one another.

Next day orders will be ready for pickup next day if dropped off with our friendly attendants Monday through Thursday. Any orders brought in and placed on Friday will be ready for pickup on Monday.

Pickup & Delivery

This service is available Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 5PM. Orders can be scheduled for pickup on these days. Please note, however, that orders picked up on Thursday will not be delivered until Monday.

The turnaround time is two days. However, orders picked up on Thursday will not be delivered back to you until Monday.

$35 minimum order.

This super convenient service is available to you on an as needed basis at $2.50 per pound. Save on this service by putting your laundry on a regular schedule. Regularly scheduled laundry is priced at $2.35 per pound.

No, you can leave your laundry in a secure location (front porch, back porch, behind a fence, in an unlocked garage) just make sure to note it when you place your order so our driver knows where to find it.

It is simple. Just click on the "Schedule a Pickup" Button in the upper right hand corner and create an account. It only takes a few minutes to input your information and you can place an order for weekly, bi-weekly or one-off services. 

Absolutely. When you place your order online there is a section called Preferences where you can specify things you want done every time that we do your laundry. There is also a section called Special Laundry Instructions where you can ask for something for this particular order. For instance if you want us to spot treat a stain on one of your items. 

No. You never have to sign a contract and you can stop service at any time. We know that you will stick with us based on our excellent service. 

Like other online services, we ask for your credit card when you place your order. Your card will not be billed until your laundry is completed and weighed.

Please put your laundry in a laundry bag or in a trash bag and make sure it is closed properly so nothing falls out.

Yes. You can suspend your pickup until you return from your vacation.