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How to Make the Most of the Laundromat

November 08, 2023

Rolling Carts And Dryers

Going to the laundromat can be a chore, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to make the most of your trip:

Park strategically. Park with your trunk facing the laundromat entrance, so you can easily load and unload your laundry. If you're washing a lot of clothes, find a parking spot away from other cars so you have enough space.

Use a rolling basket. Rolling baskets make it easy to transport your laundry around the laundromat. If your laundromat doesn't have rolling baskets, bring your own.

Inspect the machines before using them. Check the surfaces for soap and bleach drippings and droplets, and the interiors for hairs, feathers, and other debris. Wipe down any surfaces that are dirty. Also, check the lint traps before loading your clothes into the dryer.

Choose warm dryers. If possible, use dryers that are still warm from the previous load. This will help your clothes dry faster.

Inspect and clean folding tables. Before you start folding your clothes, check the folding tables for any spilled liquids or debris. Wipe them down if necessary.

Fluff and fold your clothes immediately. Fluffing your clothes in the dryer will help reduce wrinkles. Fold your clothes as soon as you remove them from the dryer to prevent them from becoming wrinkled. It also helps expedite this process if you only fold what is necessary and save items like towels and underwear for folding at home.

Avoid peak hours. If possible, avoid going to the laundromat during peak hours, such as evenings and weekends.

By following these tips, you can make your trip to the laundromat more efficient and enjoyable. If however, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with having to visit a laundromat at all, then consider Pure Laundry’s wash & fold service or laundry pickup and delivery—we have solutions that help you make laundry day much easier.

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